Residential Power Washing Services

Peters offers our residential customers professional pressure washing service of driveways, patios, decking, roofs and gutters, buildings and sidewalks. We pride ourselves in our ability at restoring the look of your property and bringing you complete satisfaction.

Commercial Power Washing Services

The care and protection of building structures is an indispensable element to maintaining a property’s aesthetics.
We use the latest Pressure Washing equipment and the leading environmentally friendly cleaning agents to clean and restore your driveway, decking. We are always careful in selecting the right amount of pressure and proper solutions for cleaning dirt, mold, mildew, algae and other stains. Our skilled technicians are trained to resolve any cleaning issues and restore your property’s appearance.
We only use high performance equipment that allows us to operate at extremely high pressure of 3500 PSI.

Our Driveway High Pressure Cleaning:

Removal of all weeds
Anti Fungicidal wash to inhibit moss and algae growth
Removal of stains
High Pressure Clean using the latest in Rotary cleaning Technology
If your Driveway is Block Paved then we also re-instate new paving locking sand
Application of a Broad Spectrum Weed Killer to reduce weed regrowth

Decking Cleaning

Wooden Decking requires some regular maintenance. Without this the decking soon becomes dirty and leaving it vulnerable to green algae which can be very slippery, even when dry.
Peters Pressure Washing specialise in cleaning and the re-treatment of decking, wooden furniture, summerhouses and fencing.
Our powerful rotary headed jet washing machines, will quickly and easily clean decking without the leaving behind the ‘striping’ effect that domestic pressure washers will often cause.
Once the surface is clean and dry we can treat the wood with a range of high quality oils. Application of these decking oils will help protect the wood long term and reduce future maintainance.